About Us

What we are?

We are a global company, With tireless hard work and innovative vision we have managed to penetrate into the market of most contending cities around the world like Dubai, Muscat, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. Following the motto of fun with purpose & entertainment for everyone, each time, our games are more entertaining and our apps more user-friendly & easier to use.

What we do?

We create digital entertainment in the form of mobile applications and games by compiling innovative ideas into digital reality. With our products, we have created a global footprint in the digital market which is exponentially growing with every passing day.

Our Core Departments

Game Art Design

Our Artists are creative to the core and our games are a proof of them. We produce games that are best in the town.

Accounts & Finance

Our Accounts and Finance departments are making sure that all financial transactions are carried out smoothly and every employee is free of financial pressure.

Game Design

Our Game Design and Planning development department is working day in day out to design state of the art and market leading applications.

App Development

Our Games development department is working day in day out to develop state of the art and market leading applications.

Content Creation

Our Content writers and Graphics designers are a blend of creativity, innovation and research. They apply their finds to every project that we undertake.

Human Resource

Our Human Resource department is there to make sure every Employee is given the best possible environment and facilities where he can prosper professionally.


Our team is full of passionate content creators who make sure that people know about our products. With a mix of strategy and inovation they spread the word to the world.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance dept. play a significant role in ensuring the product meets certain desired regulations and acceptable standards.

UI and UX

Our UI/UX Engineers make sure to give users a tremendous experience and create market leading user interfaces with which users love to interact.

Head Office
Software Technology Park
Ground Floor, Block B
I-9/3 , Islamabad

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