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Our Core Expertise

App Development

Our App development department is working day in day out to develop state of the art and market leading applications.

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App Design

Our App deseign department is working day in day out to design state of the art and market leading applications.

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Content Creation

Our Content creation department every time makes sure to come up with innovative content.

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Quality Assurance

Our Quality assurance department is there to make sure every software that goues out is bug pree and is of the highest possible standard.

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Research & Development

Our Research and development team is making it sure to thoroughly conduct research on every project that we ubndertake.

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UI/UX Engineering

Our UI/UX Engineers make sure to give user a termendous experience and create market leading user interfaces with which users love to interract.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our deeply embedded passion for what we do is why the statements that we make are close to our hearts and we intend to stay true to what we say, Our mission is to create sheltered, controlled and attentive entertainment with a beneficial social impact and we aim to:

About the Squad

We build a strong team of diligent Individuals

Our talented and admirable team has worked tirelessly day and night with full devotion to make it stand as firm as it is today. We believe staying resilient during these twists and turns is what helps us turn the obstacles we face into opportunities that we have. This is why we take great care in hiring the people who share our passion and groom them into a “Spartans”. These values are to be:

We are young but BOLD

Our Journey So Far


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Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up. We love to connect with brilliant minds and brainstorm innovative ideas, that is what lead us to be a diverse team.

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