Amid a multitude of factories, we rise above — explore
authentic shoe manufacturing at Spartans Global.

Benchmarking Quality

Our Manufacturing Practices Conforms to Internationally Recognized Standards.

Perfection meets versatility

From formal, semi-formal, and casual shoes for women, and school shoes for kids, you name it; we manufacture it.

Perfection meets versatility

From formal, semi-formal, and casual shoes for women, and school shoes for kids, you name it; we manufacture it.

End-to-end services

Experience a full-service journey with us, from exclusive design and development to customized shoe manufacturing, we deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to our clients.

Why choose Spartans Global as your manufacturing partner?

Our In-house Outsole Production takes our craft to the next level

Why settle for the ordinary When you can have extraordinary 

We’re not just reducing dependency on external suppliers; we’re rewriting the rules of the manufacturing game. Our in-house outsole production allows us to dive deep into research, embracing new and improved materials and technologies.
Cutting-edge techniques? We’ve got them all – injection, compression, co-molding, we employ the latest compounds to enhance the performance of our outsoles.
Outsoles we specialize in:


Lightweight, Flexible, and incredibly slip resistant soles, contributing to a comfortable footwear experience, making them an ideal choice for casual shoes, children’s footwear, and athletic wear.


Featuring abrasion resistance, durability, water resistance properties, these outsoles are robust with protective features, and stand out as the best option for outdoor footwear, children’s shoes and casual wear.


Light weight, Long Lasting, and Visually Aesthetic- striking the right balance between comfort and style, these outsoles are a frequent pick for trendy, casual and formal wear.

Our Lasting machines ensures automation meets the art of perfection
Uniformity in every pair

Designed to provide precise and uniform stretching and shaping of the shoe upper, lasting machines ensure that shoes manufactured at Spartans Global have a consistent fit and appearance.

Our Laser Machines carve a path of precision
Exploring Design Possibilities

A task that was once difficult to achieve manually, creating customized intricate designs, personalized logos, and detailed seams is now achievable due to the precise laser machines at our manufacturing facility.

Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) stitching

We Have sustainability into every thread Incorporating sustainable practices

Ensuring uniform stitching, our CNC machines achieve the highest level of stitch integrity, minimizing the risk of defects in the final product and reducing material waste, contributing to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance at each step
For us, quality is not amere standard; it's the driving force behind our continuous pursuit ofperfection. Our quality inspection journey begins with the arrival of rawmaterials and continues through cutting, stitching, and lasting process of ashoe.
A revolution in footwear industry with Spartans Global Smart Factory

Exploring the future of footwear

At Spartans Global, we invest in the forefront of technology, with an impressive lineup of state-of-the-art machinery that fuels our exploration into diverse footwear options. Challenges from our clients are welcomed, pushing us to break barriers and explore uncharted territories with emerging technologies.
Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with cutting-edge technology, steering us in an era of unmatched comfort and durability. Our continuous innovation not only enhances our product standards but also champion sustainability, redefining the landscape of shoe manufacturing.

Precision takes center stage with our Laser Cutting Machines

Crafted with laser precision, our custom-made shoes cater to individual needs, ensuring a flawless fit, bio mechanical support, and on-demand designs through our technological expertise.

In our quest for excellence, data becomes our ally

Our advanced data systems meticulously analyze millions of material properties, production data, and consumer preferences. From initial design concepts to the finished product, this data-driven approach guarantees flawless performance in every pair of Spartans shoes, setting a new benchmark for footwear perfection.


Streamlining our business through digitization

At the core of meeting the dynamic demands of the footwear industry, Integrated Information System at Spartans Global enables informed decision-making, reduces operational bottlenecks, and improves the overall agility and responsiveness of our business. This positions us for sustained growth and innovation.

Management Information Systems

Our MIS system integrates all disparate business functions into a single integrated hybrid business control system. The system is designed to offer efficiency, adaptability and to have greater insight and visibility into our financial, supply chain, research and development, human development and manufacturing operations.

Data-Driven Decision Making

For informed decision-making, our data-driven systems leverage real-time data analytics and business intelligence.

In-House Innovative Technology

Spartans Global’s Integrated In-House Hybrid System, built on the latest technology stack, empowers every department by stepping into the world of digitalization, providing efficiency, analytics, and robust integrations.

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